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CPACA board distributes Firewise awareness brochures

The CPACA board members distributed Firewise fire awareness brochures to residences throughout the park.  Learn more about Firewise USA  Here.

The prominent Smokey the Bear fire status sign when entering the park has been at Extreme for weeks.   Below are a few helpful reminders to help make your property more fire safe.

  • Post address numbers away from structures and easy view for emergency responders
  • Check rain gutters and roofs for needle and flammable debris
  • Have a stove pipe?  Trim branches back at least 15 feet from it or a chimney outlet
  • Ask Kootenai Electric to clear branches from power lines
  • Stack wood uphill and as much as 100 feet from the house.  Under decks and along house walls are convenient but also fuel for floating embers.

Reminder: Yard Waste dumping available.

A reminder that the yard waste dump is available on Buzz Howard’s land off  Ditmore road.  A $5 donation to defray disposal expenses is requested.  Please contact Buzz if you have non-yard waste materials he may be able to accept.  He can schedule this with you.

Many thanks to the Howard family for making this site available. Your help is appreciated to help us keep this benefit available to residents of the park area

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